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28 March 2010 @ 01:54 pm
Emily Osment outgrowing her fans?  
*sorry if this has been posted before, let me know and i'll just take it down :)

Kids will scream for anything these days.

At the Somerville Theatre last night, a couple hundred young girls squealed and yelped as opening act Hot Chelle Rae carted instruments off the stage to clear the way for headliner Emily Osment.

Once 18-year-old Osment appeared, the same young girls bumrushed the stage in a stampede and broke out in chants of “E-mi-ly,” apparently amped up on chocolate and adrenaline.

After Osment’s 50-minute set was over, a few fans left the venue gleefully shouting “She touched my hand!”

The audience also screamed when Osment - perhaps best known for her roles on “Hannah Montana” and two of the three “Spy Kids” movies - asked whether it was OK to play some new songs, but they didn’t really scream for the new songs themselves. And that’s the dilemma that Osment faces.

The crowd of mostly teen and tween girls responded well to the Disney-approved material from Osment’s EP “All the Right Wrongs.”

Little kids danced and head-banged in the aisles to the sounds of pop-rock opener “You Are the Only One,” “Found Out About You” and frenetic show-closer “All the Way Up” while their chaperones looked on.

With her tousled blond hair, frilly tank top and jeans, Osment looked the part of a romantic pop-rocker, and she did her best to prance around the stage amid her four-piece, all-male band and interact with the audience, though at times it felt awkward and perfunctory.

She picked up her guitar for a couple of tunes, including “What About Me” and “Average Girl,” which found her slightly out of her vocal range, a common theme for the night.

Without Auto-Tune and other pitch-correction devices, her limited range was exposed on high notes, including the chorus of Radiohead’s “High and Dry” - a song that flew right over the audience’s head - and “I Hate the Homecoming Queen” a track about “high school and all the people you have to deal with in high school.”

“It kind of sucks,” she said. “But it gets better.”

No one seemed to care that Osment’s voice was occasionally strained, flat or off-pitch. Osment’s songs, especially the last one, resonate with young girls.

Osment’s new work, including the darker, heavier “The Cycle” and the slightly tortured “One of Those Days,” is catchy, but it has a more mature, sonically complex edge - not quite the sparkly Disney sound fans are used to, with simple themes of high school and teen love.

It seems that Osment isn’t just dabbling in music or blindly going the teen pop route; she’s serious about being a musician and incorporating the alternative sound of influences such as Radiohead and Incubus. But it might be tough to sell her new slant to a fan base whose average age is 10.

EMILY OSMENT at Somerville Theatre

HEATHAAAAAHHHH: [people] eo; #dreamclose on March 28th, 2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
You're fine! :)

Although this definitely isn't the nicest review the last part does definitely have some good points. I don't think music is something that she's dabbling in like so many of the Disney stars. And yeah it might be tough to sell but she has a pretty big older fan base too. Plus no one knows all the songs that are going to be on her LP.